Sound Installation


“IL SUONO NEL TEMPO – Didascalia sonora sulla rinascita del Camposanto Monumentale di Pisa- ”
“THE SOUND IN TIME – Soundscape on the rebirth of the Camposanto Monumentale in Pisa – ”
“時間に潜む音〜サウンドスケープ ピサカンポサント・モニュメンターレの再生〜”


November 23th, 2018 at Sant’Aanna Church in Pisa, Italy.

Artistic Idea, Audio Composition, Lights: Marina Tanaka
Voice: Primavera Contu
Planning and Realization: Marina Tanaka, Chiara Evangelista
Scientific Coordination: Massimo Bergamasco
Virtual Video: Group ACE-PERCRO, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
Audio Registration of the Piano: Franco Puccini
Study of Art Hitory: Caterina Bay

Marina Tanaka guides us through the history of the Camposanto through sounds composed and interpreated by her.
As part of the sound installation, there are five main phases in the history of the Camposanto: the construction of this monument begun in 1277, the presence of artists who succeeded in fresco decoration between the 14th and 15th centuries, the period in which the Camposanto became an essential stage of the Grand Tour, the damage caused by the Second World War, the restoration of the frescoes and their relocation to the original site.
The final musical composition aims to represent a sound caption of the famous fresco “The Triumph of Death”.

Marina Tanaka ci guida nella storia del Camposanto attraverso suoni da lei composti e interpreati.
Nell’ambito della installazione sonora si ripercorrono cinque fasi salienti della storia del Camposanto: l’edificazione iniziata nel 1277, la presenza degli artisti che tra il XIV e XV secolo si sono succeduti nella decorazione ad affresco, il periodo in cui il Camposanto diventa una tappa imprescindibile del Grand Tour, i danni provocati dalla seconda guerra mondiale, il restauro degli affreschi e la loro ricollocazione nel sito originario.
La composizione musicale finale intende rappresentare una didascalia sonora del celebre affresco “Il Trionfo della Morte”.

このイベントは、サンターナ大学院大学(TeCIPコミュニケーション・情報・認知工学研究科, 認知ロボット研究所Perceptual Robotics Laboratory)が実現、 ギャラリー<<Arte e Memoria iPazzifactory>>の協力を得て開催される。没入するような空間へ観客を招待するため、サウンドによる空間が制作された。この空間内ではサウンドがカンポサント・モニュメンターレの記憶が蘇ることとなるだろう。

インスタレーションは、映像とサウンド、光によって構成される。映像は、認知ロボット研究所Perceptual Robotics Laboratoryが、第二次世界大戦の火事で焼けてしまう以前の記録写真を用いて制作したバーチャル映像である。サウンド、音楽は田中麻里奈がインスピレーションを受け作曲したもので、声、様々な状況を物語るノイズ、音楽、電子音が混在したもので構成される。一連のサウンドによるドラマの展開によって、この場所の記憶が再び思いだれることとなるだろう。会場内には、呼吸をするような光が散りばめられた演出が施される。


2018年11月23日 新聞 “LA NAZIONE” (イタリア)より


Requiem from marina on Vimeo.

This music aims to represent the scene: our soul, spirit hope to arrive at the place where they want to arrive, but they doesn’t know where they are going. This music accompanies them during their journey. This idea came from the study of the famous fresco “The Triumph of Death” of the Camposanto Monumentale in Pisa. On this fresco, soul is described as like a “baby” that goes out from “mouth” of the died people like “Dante Arighieri”. From this fresco we can learn this message “rich people and poor people, we are the same in front of the death”. Angels and devils are flying and combatting in the sky.

MARINA TANAKA ( Music Composer/ Pianist / Editor )
SONIA MARRESE ( Cinematographer )
FRANCO PUCCINI ( Sound Recordist / Sound Designer )

The concert was held on November 23th 2018 at Sant’Aanna Church in Pisa, Italy with the Sound Installation.

The title of Sound Installation:
“IL SUONO NEL TEMPO” – Didascalia sonora sulla rinascita del Camposanto Monumentale di Pisa-
“THE SOUND IN TIME” – Soundscape on the rebirth of the Camposanto Monumentale in Pisa –

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